Westchester Staffing Group Turns to Automated Delivery Route Management

Westchester Staffing Group, an independent distributor of Nestlé products that operates out of Kingston, Ontario, is turning to the power of digital tools to automate the activities of its six delivery drivers.

With the applications of CIS Group’s Companion® Suite, presently under implementation, they can expect to reel in the time savings – a gain of often more than ten percent is typically observed in most industry sectors when compared to the manual methods that Westchester is now leaving behind.

Also to be reduced are the paper costs, and the cumbersome handling of physical documents, with its associated risk of missing signatures or even lost bills, as all archiving will be done right away and in virtual mode from this point on.

Similarly, through remote communications from the mobile units, all the transactions confirmed in the field become available at the office with no need for reprocessing – not even for the update of data in Westchester’s Simply Accounting (Sage 50) application, to be carried out by virtue of a Companion® interface previously developed by CIS Group.

For management personnel, this also means that they can systematically analyze their operations in a matter of seconds, relying on the instantaneous compilation of all transactions, whether they wish to focus their interrogation on a shorter or longer period, a specific product, a customer, etc. Another point of note is that Companion® will significantly facilitate the production of sales reports to be transmitted to Nestlé.

As a matter of fact, “Nestlé Canada management is keeping a keen eye on this project as a pilot, and is eager to gauge its results, points out Nicolas Racine, Executive Account Manager at CIS Group. Westchester Staffing Group needed to get a solution up and running within a six-week time frame – which CIS was able to do”, he gladly reports.

That included doing the initial setup of the Honeywell CN70 hand-held computers and PB51 mobile printers that have been chosen for the drivers.