Companion® Rep is a robust and proven software to automate the work of your representatives during customer visits in store or on-site.

A complete go-to-market solution covering all SFA and CRM processes.

Find out how our Companion® REP software will become an indispensable tool for your representatives, merchandisers, account managers and your marketing team.

An application suitable for representatives visiting retail stores and food service in DSD or warehouse delivery

From the office, transmit information to your mobile users while effectively managing the rules to apply to execute tasks and analyze information.

Give yourself the greatest possible flexibility.

Companion® REP is built with hierarchies for attaching behaviors to configurations. The working methods of the representatives can therefore be configured by type of customer or banner.

Work efficiently and quickly in store

The application is built to adapt the transaction screens to the way you work thus ensuring absolute efficiency in the store.

Support your business decision-making

Allow your managers to make informed choices, based on precise data analysis, thanks to dynamic, powerful and well-documented dashboards (number of visits, orders, distribution, photos, surveys).

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The strength and flexibility of the Companion® Rep application lie at the heart of our Companion® Office desktop middleware.

This powerful solution was developed to offer our clients the possibility of recording much more complete information than that offered in traditional ERP. Make sure you can make strategic business decisions quickly by always having all the information at your fingertips.

Configure desktop middleware according to your needs and your industry

  • Prioritization of information at each level and for each mobile user;
  • Mobile user models (representatives, merchandisers, account managers)
  • Menus of users or types of users;
  • Master files that do not exist in the ERP, such as marketing programs, priorities, list of tasks to be performed in the store, surveys, catalog of product photos;
  • The customer visit sequences and frequencies;

Plan the tasks and activities of your representatives, merchandisers and account managers

  • Creation of priorities by customers or banner (EDLP, flyers, new listing, delisted products, promotion, etc.)
  • The sequences of tasks and activities;
  • Management of a list of actions performed according to the client or the banner;
  • Access to business reviews and sales figures;
  • Messages from the office by client, banner, chain.

Perform your daily in-store tasks

  • Management of customer notes;
  • Management of the expense account;
  • Management of appointments, sequence of visits;
  • Opportunity management with order forecasting;
  • Distribution audit, facings, inventory capture;
  • Capture of information on competitors products;
  • Taking photos in store;
  • Access to all history, allowing you to run dynamic business reviews with your clients;
  • Order taking, suggested order, advance order, free orders;
  • Management of returns, credit and Rapid Draft;
  • Management of compliance of planograms;
  • Management of customer agreements;
  • Management of consignment inventory;
  • Visit reports.

Track, in real time, to better analyze the activities of your mobile staff and the information captured

  • Reports: Sales, returns, orders, distribution, visits;
  • Dynamic real-time dashboards for monitoring the operations and activities of mobile users;
  • GPS tracking;
  • Archiving of all documents created on the road;
  • Activity reports;
  • Analysis of surveys;
  • Directory of photos taken in the store;
  • Multiple reports with pictures, before-after, red flag etc.;
  • Store Inventory;
  • Several reports for your principals.

Our solutions represent an extremely beneficial investment for your business’ growth.

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Our solutions represent an extremely beneficial investment for the growth of your business.


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Our solutions offer more than traditional ERP data. Benefit from our powerful solutions and gain richer analytics on the information gathered in the field.

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