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CIS Group is an information technology company founded in St-Jérôme in 1977. From its very beginnings, the company has been dedicated to providing its customers with IT solutions enabling them to optimize their daily activities.

With a dynamic roadmap which, you will have noticed, is marked by success! Part of that is because the company listens to its customers’ needs and continuously stays in innovation mode. The work carried out together with the manufacturers of mobile equipment allows us to keep our software solutions well aligned with these constantly evolving technologies. This is how we add to our solutions, year after year, many features that allow our customers to be ever more efficient!

SFA-CRM | Sales

Sales Force Automation (SFA) is the use of software tools to streamline all sales tasks for representatives and merchandisers.

Designed to increase efficiency in sales processes, this strategy provides users, in real time, with the information and tools essential to the accomplishment of their daily business activities, in the form of an application installed on a tablet, rugged handheld, laptop, or smartphone. Automation here extends to all the operations - most of them on-site on the customer's premises - that go into the conclusion of sales transactions.

Benefit from unparalleled visibility and control over all aspects of the relationship with each client, whether in field execution mode, or in consultation mode in the office: the evaluation of business strategies and decision-making are greatly facilitated.

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PTS | Passenger Transportation

A software package designed to meet the specific needs of charter bus carriers and operators of school, city, and intercity bus networks.

Its two main modules, CIS-BUS-Charter and CIS-BUS-Circuit can operate in stand-alone mode or be interfaced with other applications. As an example, the drivers’ working hours can be exported to the payroll application, as can the transportation income, which can be exported to the CIS Admin Express application, or to any other accounting software.

Our modules allow all administrative and operational aspects specific to passenger transportation to be taken care of, supporting you at each stage of your service.

Your visibility on operations is maximized with the Coach suite by the set of reports cross-referencing your key data: customers, drivers, trips, vehicles, etc. Your strategic decisions will be informed, and your results, brilliant!

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GFS | Freight Transportation

A complete, multi-user software solution designed to meet the specific needs of full (TL) or partial (LTL) carriers.

The application can operate in stand-alone mode or be interfaced with the Pay and Admin Express modules of CIS, or with other accounting applications, in order to transfer compensation data and accounts receivable.

For increased management efficiency, it is also possible to integrate the application with other services, including PC * MILER or other route management software allowing the calculation of distances, a satellite interface to facilitate communication between drivers and dispatchers, and the ACE portal for customs procedures.

The CIS-TRUCK Dispatcher Suite provides transportation companies with greater efficiency, promotes the rationalization of their processes, and maximizes their profitability!

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DSD Distribution | Route Accounting Software

Direct point-of-sale delivery, commonly referred to as "DSD", are key sales and distribution strategies that serve a wide variety of businesses, especially the food industry.

This direct delivery and sales model allows them better control over their products, as well as the addition of related services such as merchandizing, inventory optimization to help increase sales while reducing returns, or maintenance and monitoring of equipment in place.

It is with the help of a robust hand-held computer or a smartphone equipped with a protective shell, as well as a mobile thermal printer that you will allow your mobile users to manage their daily actions, at benefit your business and the satisfaction of your customers.

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