A multi-user solution designed to optimize your charter fleet logistics

Choose efficient travel planning and optimal resource allocation for your business’ benefit.

Are you the manager of a fleet of passenger buses? Would you like to make your charter trips even more profitable by reducing your operating costs?

Discover the features offered by CIS-Bus Charter to better manage all passenger transportation operations.

Advanced planning table for current and upcoming trips

Easy management of your drivers' working hours and payroll

Multi-driver management for long trips

Billing management by considering your charters’ options and equipment costs


A passenger transportation solution developed for passenger buses to plan and organize activities relating to the establishment your company’s buses’ schedules and routes.

Computerize your operations to improve your efficiency and reduce your operating costs, which will lead your business to increased profitability.

Choose the package that meets the best needs of your industry. Our passenger transportation software suites are designed to help your business thrive!

Charter 250


450$ / MONTH


Charter 1 000


1 000$ / MONTH


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Charter 5 000


3 000$ / MONTH


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A set of software solutions that complement each other to maximize the management of passenger transportation!


CIS-Bus Charter

Complete multi-user software to manage charter transport activities.

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A complete software for carrying out modern accounting through the web.

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Software to manage the costs, performance and preventive maintenance of your fleet of vehicles.

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An application for processing the payroll of drivers and administrative staff.

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Private: Event

Consignez l’historique des événements routiers de vos conducteurs (plaintes, infractions routières, tests de drogue, etc.) et de vos véhicules (accidents routiers) avec la possibilité d'automatiser des rappels aux intervenants afin d’assurer les suivis nécessaires. Accédez aux rapports détails et à toutes les pièces jointes.

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