Broker Software

We optimize brokers' mobile sales operations.

Our solution combining our Companion® REP software and robust mobile equipment allows you to better plan, target and analyze the shelf space of your products in store.


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Broker Software

We optimize brokers' mobile sales operations.

Our solution combining our Companion® REP software and robust mobile equipment allows you to better plan, target and analyze the shelf space of your products in store.


Automate the actions of your mobile sales force to better manage your customers

Automate your on-site principal-related activities.

Plan the important tasks

Free the members of your sales team from administrative tasks, to allow them to devote more time to the activities most likely to generate sales.

Focus on the most important activities

Ensure that the most efficient strategy is always used: sales force automation contributes to making the sales and representation process more efficient, generating more sales by identifying the issues quickly.

Analyze your sales performances

Allow your managers to see the strengths and the points to watch by rapidly pinpointing weaknesses to make the necessary adjustments, leading to a sales strategy in continuous improvement.


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Connects with all types of accounting or ERP software.

Our solutions offer more than traditional ERP data. Benefit from our powerful solutions and gain richer analytics on the information gathered in the field.

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CRM developed to exponentially improve your sales force!

Optimize the activities of your representatives on the road. The Companion suite offers user-friendly and intuitive IT tools that help improve the sales process by improving the experience of your representatives during in-store visits to clients. The efficiency and monitoring of your business will be maximized with management options tailored to your industry.

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The sequence of visits according to the classification of clients.

Performing tasks during visits in store.

The organization of priorities for each of the stores.

Processing of notes and messages from the office.

Taking orders (regular, predefined, suggested) and managing returns (rapid draft).

The capture of inventory, facings, distribution, retail prices for your products and those of the competition.

Business review, statistics and history.

Taking photos, as well as collecting information through flexible surveys.

Current promotions and new listings.

The products of the competition.

The planograms in stores as well as the floor displays.

History of previous visits and past sales for the store, for the product or for a product category.

Discover how products of the CIS-Companion® REP suite are appreciated by SFA users!

To learn more about SFA

Sales Force Automation consists in the judicious use of software applications to assist sales personnel so they can achieve productivity gains, first in terms of speed of action, but also particularly in terms of precision in the execution of their tasks. Surely the most important, though, is the control of information, when any fact, figure, statistic or trend can be obtained at one’s fingertips, at any moment, from any place. This immediacy of information is crucial to optimize decision-making, the foundation of any sales initiative.

For some, Sales Force Automation is more specifically aimed, on the one hand, at managing and analyzing the data related to existing customers and the interactions with them, with the objective of maintaining satisfaction – but equally, SFA is aimed at automating tasks related to prospection, management of the sales pipeline, and the evaluation of opportunities and projected revenues.

You will find a whole different perspective on SFA, though, if you ask suppliers of food products or consumer goods who must deploy a team of representatives in the field, regularly visiting retailers such as grocery stores, department stores and others. For them, SFA is all about automation to support and streamline the execution of in-store tasks, like order taking, merchandising and business reviews.

Whether in Cloud-based or on-premise mode, Sales Force Automation solutions can be integrated with other applications like ERP systems, so that redundancy of data entry is done away with. Integration can also involve Business Intelligence applications – though the SFA app itself can provide extensive functionalities for analysis and data drilling, in the form of a manager’s dashboard. It can also be expected, as an additional module in the application, to find an interactive selling system, allowing customers to place orders online.

Essentially, to increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Automating activities with software tools, no one doubts now, is one of the main ways to reduce the time required, for any task whatsoever.

Added to that is the now paramount importance of information, in itself a most potent digital tool – whether it is info out, like price lists, product sheets or the detail of promotions, or else info in, like itineraries or vehicle tracking (GPS), electronic archiving of transactional documents (which may then be transmitted by email to the customer), and lastly the harvest of all the information gathered at the point of sale (distribution of products, compliance with commercial agreements, retail prices, competition).

The CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) may be useful, in the after-sale relation, to retain and satisfy your customers, registering the detail of interactions with them. The information processed includes contact information, the emails and attachments, and a chronology of all the activities of your sales team members.

An SFA solution, by automating the tasks carried out at the points of sale, brings into your hands the control of information, giving you the transparency and visibility on what is happening in the field, and the ability to very precisely gauge your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), whether they relate to the execution (performance of personnel) or to the transactions (company performance).

Since costs are related in great part to human resources, they will be reduced by any measure allowing an increase of efficiency.

Apart from the speed of action obtained through automation, we may also count the benefits related to integration between applications: by including in the system an interface to ensure the flow of data between the SFA application and the ERP management software, we then feed the latter without resorting to manual data entry, thus saving work, time and money. Entered once and for all in the field, at point of sale, the data remains usable from one application to the other, through all steps of the financial cycle.

We may mention again the time saved by management officers having instant access to complete information, and to summaries and statistics recalculated automatically according to any categorization requested.

Repetitive manual work has just been mentioned, in the form of data entry having to be done twice if applications are not integrated with one another. But repetition, there again, also causes an increase in the risk of errors, which is avoided with a system-integrated SFA solution.

There is also the risk of forgetting tasks – which the SFA software is configured to help against: with multiple tasks to be performed at each customer visit, representatives may rely on the fact that the application shows them a visual layout of their workflow, which is preset according to the type of customer they are visiting. Their mobile device also contains their To-Do List of special points to check.

Losing documents? A thing of the past, thanks to digital archiving. Orders, past invoices, proofs of delivery with signature, all remain available in memory – and can be reprinted if the customer requests, or even sent electronically.

And again, time. Time saved for the manager, using the compilation and performance analysis tools, as also the time saved by the SFA mobile user, which indeed will be shown by this performance analysis: it has been shown that an SFA application can allow a representative to realize a time saving of up to 15%.

A reduced risk of errors is already a good point as a factor of satisfaction. But significant above all, is the whole power of information that you can leverage thanks to SFA. It is up to you to make the numbers come alive: by tracing back the history of your customers’ purchases, you have everything to establish forecasts and solid business strategies that will optimize the availability of products to maximize sales, proposing the quantities and products that are most pertinent, for each customer, according to the time of year, thereby avoiding stock-outs, and reducing returns. Your customers themselves end up better informed, better equipped, and more efficient. Everyone wins.

As the representative starts his day, the system determines the sequence of customers to visit for that day, so as to match each customer’s specific visit frequency. Beginning a visit, he will rely on an illustrated workflow, preset by customer type, and will consult the notes taken with regard to that customer. At any time, he has access to the messaging system, used for exchanging communications with the office, or with another mobile user.

For his sales presentation, his computer holds everything. The detail of promotions, product sheets, and a dynamic analysis query tool with statistical diagrams, to interpret historical data, illustrate projections, and demonstrate the appropriateness of his suggested order.

Order taking, and the capture of merchandising data as well, are executed efficiently and rapidly using the automated tools: keyboard or scanner, picture taking or checklists. This way the managers receive, through remote communication, the information related to inventory, planograms, retail prices, and products of the competition.

The keyword is responsiveness. We have highlighted the power of information as the number one tool, whether it is to measure performance, or establish your business strategies on solid ground.

Now, information is available even remotely and in real time if required, which puts you a step ahead to define your actions. SFA also provides the communication network to push directives through to your personnel in the field at any time. You may even broaden this network by also implementing automation for your delivery team with a Direct Store Delivery (DSD) application, so a to ensure the best responsiveness to your customers’ needs, by networking all levels of your organization.

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