CIS Group is one of the largest North-American providers of software solutions.

Direct Store Delivery (DSD), merchandising and Sales Force Automation (SFA), people transportation and freight transport.

Business practices are changing as new markets open up.

Consequently, the pace of business is accelerating exponentially. There is fierce competition among producers, distributors and retailers alike, just as well as among transporters, who must demonstrate creativity in order to gain or even retain market share. Profit margins keep diminishing, requiring businesses to be more productive and effective. Today, business intelligence plays a far more central role than formerly; the wise use of tools that can help you make the most of it does indeed give you an edge in business.

Choosing CIS Group is opting for an enterprise that moves into action to generate unique and momentous occasions that foster the development of durable relations.

Collaborative working groups

CIS Group organizes activities everywhere across America to encourage collaborative work between its clients and partners in order to contribute to the evolution of each of these enterprises.

Enriching and stimulating educational sessions

In stimulating and attractive locations, you will have a chance to take part in highly enriching educational sessions, thanks to the combined expertise of our own teams with involvement of our different collaborators.

Grand and inspiring events

All across America, we ensure a presence at the different shows and conventions of interest to our clientele. We strive to create relations of proximity with our clients and to maximize the occasions for meetings and discussions.

Private meetings and customized Demo

Directly at our offices, or at yours, we love to take the time to listen to your needs and propose the best solutions. Our representatives are recognized for their expertise and legendary dynamism in their presentations.

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At CIS Group, we prioritize teamwork

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Our company history

CIS Group is committed to establishing a long-term relationship with their clients, providing them with superior service and helping them streamline their overall operations. Day after day, we strive to create innovative software solutions that optimize field operations and improve performance, efficiency and accountability, positively impacting the revenues of our clients.

Jacques Tessier

Founder, Member of the Board of Directors, Advisor to the President

ISO 27001 Certification

CIS Group is an ISO/IEC 27001 certified enterprise. This is a world standard (and includes the ISO/IEC 27002 good practice guidelines) for informational assets security management. It specifies the requirements of an Information Security Management System (ISMS). The ISMS is a systematic approach of the management and security of sensitive data, involving personnel and applying risk management processes to information systems.

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Power BI Business Intelligence

Leverage enlightened decision-making by relying on the analysis of your data using powerful Dynamic Dashboards.

24-7 Bilingual Support Available

Be assured of obtaining the service you need when your teams most need it!

Rugged Mobile Equipment

Opt for powerful and durable hand-held computers, scanners, or mobile printers to optimize your efficiency.