The solution for managing your charter transportation operations

Complete and proven software that provides an effective and efficient overview of fleet management activities integrated into all your departments.

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Introducing our comprehensive web application designed specifically for charter transport providers. This powerful tool is built to handle all the administrative and operational aspects of your service delivery, providing you with seamless support at every stage of your operations.

Our web application is tailored to meet the unique needs of charter transport businesses, empowering you to efficiently manage and optimize your services. Whether you specialize in corporate travel, event transportation, or private tours, our application has you covered.

Are you facing challenges with your charter fleet? Get results now and make sure you reach your goals with Charter!

Automate your quote/contract process

Respond to passenger transportation quotes faster with a simple, automated, and standardized process.

Maximize your efficiency by avoiding wasting time

Allow your dispatchers to perform Driver and Vehicle Assignment in a simplified and intuitive way using Charter software.

Use all your resources in an optimized way

Make sure you maximize the availability of your resources by having quick access to all your available resources according to travel requests.

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Choose the package that meets the best needs of your industry. Our passenger transportation software suites are designed to help your business thrive!

Charter 250


450$ / MONTH


Charter 1 000


1 000$ / MONTH


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Charter 5 000


3 000$ / MONTH


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CIS-Bus Charter will allow you to simplify your day-to-day operations in addition to making the experience and process easier for your customers.


Quickly send a quote to your customers indicating the options and special requests for the trip in question.


Assign your drivers and vehicles according to several criteria, including their availability and their home port.


As soon as the trip is completed, adjust the final contract according to the additional charges required or overtime, then email the invoice from the app, directly to your customer.

Driver Pay Data

Generate a pay file for your pay application based on the assignments to which your different drivers appear as well as your remuneration methods.

Our solutions represent an extremely beneficial investment for your business’ growth.

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ISO 27001 Certification

CIS Group is an ISO/IEC 27001 certified enterprise. This is a world standard (and includes the ISO/IEC 27002 good practice guidelines) for informational assets security management. It specifies the requirements of an Information Security Management System (ISMS). The ISMS is a systematic approach of the management and security of sensitive data, involving personnel and applying risk management processes to information systems.

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Power BI Business Intelligence

Leverage enlightened decision-making by relying on the analysis of your data using powerful Dynamic Dashboards.

24-7 Bilingual Support Available

Be assured of obtaining the service you need when your teams most need it!

Rugged Mobile Equipment

Opt for powerful and durable hand-held computers, scanners, or mobile printers to optimize your efficiency.

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