Automate driver compensation

Optimize the processing of your employees’ compensation without resorting to external payroll services.

Find out how the Paye application enables the transmission of electronic statements and forms, significantly reducing administrative work.

Paye integrates easily with various accounting or fuel management software, and can also accommodate your needs if you manage multiple branches or businesses.

Automated Payroll Calculation

When a driver takes a trip, his pay will be calculated based on the various parameters of the trip made (mileage or miles traveled, overtime, inter-province, interstate or intercountry, and so on).

Pay Categories

Choose the processing method applicable to each of the different types of gain or deduction and manage the calculation of contributions including those that are specific to the company such as union or insurance contributions.

Payroll Processing

Quickly verify the data entry by instantly displaying the calculated pay and the various insurable amounts or process additional payments (vacation pay, bonus). Also keep banking information as well as the history of hourly rate changes and vacation bank information.

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Essential features for your administrative operations

This module offers various annual and monthly reports that can be personalized according to your needs:

  • Pay list per employee;
  • Summary of entries by category (period, employee);
  • Several pay statement models;
  • Analysis by service/section;
  • Monthly discounts (CNESST);
  • Payroll deduction reports by province;
  • Expense reports (TP-66 and TL2F).

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