Mobile equipment manufacturers

We opt for the manufacturers of rugged equipments that perform best in the industry, so as to offer you hand-held computers, printers or scanners with the best quality/price ratio.

Authorized reseller of CIS Group solutions in the North East of America

Provider of cybersecurity solutions

We have put in place high security measures in compliance with ISO 27001 standards to ensure the confidentiality of your digital data and preserve your peace of mind!

Distributors of mobile equipments, software and licenses

We are committed to doing business with the best mobile equipment distributors to ensure you get fast and efficient service by proposing to you the tools that best suit your needs.

Providers of complementary solutions

We wish to offer the simplest and most complete service to our clients when they elect to trust us. We have therefore developed partnerships with recognized providers to offer a turnkey service that comes up to your expectations.

Providers of IT equipments

We also have agreements with choice IT partners, which allows us to offer you the right products at the best price.

Associations we are a member of

We consider these groups as rich sources of information, and we maintain our membership every year to keep abreast of innovations and developments in our sectors of activity.

Organizations we are involved with

We are dedicated to the well-being and the flourishing of our community. Year after year, we continue to be involved with regional organizations to contribute in improving people’s lives!

Partnering financial institutions and assistance programs

In Québec, we are fortunate to be able to take advantage of several assistance funds and since we are used to collaborating with these organizations, we are truly efficient in helping you through the process!

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