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Printer Paper

Available in boxes of 50 rolls, with a lifespan of 7 to 10 years, customizable rolls (logo on the back, individual packaging, different thicknesses, etc.) Subject to delivery charges.

Batteries for Mobile Devices

The lifespan of a mobile equipment battery varies between 12 and 28 months, do not wait for it to give out, plan the purchase of spare batteries. Subject to delivery charges.

Mobile Device Cases

Protect your equipment and keep your hands free with the transportation cases for all types of equipment, the cases are customizable, your logo can be affixed to them, several options are available; cases for computers only, for printers only, for the complete set, several options for belt attachments, straps, etc. Subject to delivery charges.

Complementary Accessories

All your equipment accessories, available and with fast delivery times (if the items are in stock). Identify your equipment to order the product corresponding to your device. Subject to delivery charges.