Éric Tessier

President and CEO

Geneviève Daviault CPA, CMA, CAPM

Vice President of Finance

Peter Choo-Foo, vCISO CISSP, ISO27001

Security Chief

Cyrille Vaucelle MBA

Vice President Innovation and Technology

Mathieu Adam

Vice-President and General Manager

Jean-Luc Demers

Product Director Mobile Solutions

Éric Lévesque

Research & Development Director

Stéphane Lepage

Enterprise Data and Analytics Director

François Papillon

Transport Solutions Product Director

Joël Desjardins

Strategic Director

Jason Lepage

Project Manager - PO DSD

Chantal Giguère

Project Manager

Eric St-Pierre

Customer Service Director - DSD

Marilyn De Cotret

Scrum Master and Integrator

Richard Coulombe

IT-Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Director - Technical services

Benjamin Cyr

Project Manager - PO SFA

Mélanie Rock

Strategic Account Manager

Jonathan Cholette

Product Marketing Specialist

Sylvain Bruyère

Strategic Account Manager

Mona Roy

Strategic Account Manager - Transport

Serge Paquette

President of the Board of Directors

Jacques Tessier

Member of the Board of Directors, Advisor to the President

Bernard Casavant

Member of the Board of Directors; owner of Groupe Financier Casavant Inc.

Claude Boivin

Member of the Board of Directors; CEO Groupe Financier Casavant Inc.