Éric Tessier

President and CEO

André Wolfe

Strategic Advisor

Julie Desroches

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Geneviève Daviault CPA, CMA, CAPM

Vice President of Finance

Peter Choo-Foo, vCISO CISSP, ISO27001

Security Chief

Cyrille Vaucelle MBA

Vice President Innovation and Technology

Mathieu Adam

Vice-President and General Manager

Jean-Luc Demers

Product Director Mobile Solutions

Éric Lévesque

Research & Development Director

Stéphane Lepage

Enterprise Data and Analytics Director

François Papillon

Transport Solutions Product Director

Joël Desjardins

Strategic Director

Jason Lepage

Project Manager - PO DSD

Chantal Giguère

Project Manager

Eric Simonneau

Scrum Master

Eric St-Pierre

Customer Service Director - DSD

Marilyn De Cotret

Scrum Master and Integrator

Richard Coulombe

IT-Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Director - Technical services

Nicolas Racine

Sales Manager, US & Caribbean

Mélanie Rock

Strategic Account Manager

Jonathan Cholette

Product Marketing Specialist

Sylvain Bruyère

Strategic Account Manager

Mona Roy

Strategic Account Manager - Transport

Melanie Ladouceur

Marketing Coordinator

Serge Paquette

President of the Board of Directors

Jacques Tessier

Member of the Board of Directors, Advisor to the President

Bernard Casavant

Member of the Board of Directors; owner of Groupe Financier Casavant Inc.

Jean-Luc Breton

Member of the Board of Directors

Claude Boivin

Member of the Board of Directors; CEO Groupe Financier Casavant Inc.