Vermont’s Koffee Kup Bakery Gets Companion® Software for Direct Store Delivery

Koffee Kup Bakery, located in Burlington, Vermont, has selected a new software solution for its delivery force. Replacing its existing system, the Companion® software by CIS Group will be deployed for two hundred users, including both its own corporate team and the independent distributors.

Supported in Cloud mode, the application will connect everyone – users in the office will be maintaining the product price master file, with the result that mobile users of Companion® Route automatically and in no time get the right price for the right customer when processing each transaction.

The other way around, inbound information from the mobile computers to the Companion® Office middleware will provide the fresh data to help with production planning at the bakery. All said Office will sharply improve the monitoring of operations in the field, especially with real-time cellular communication to and from the mobile units.

Important among the features of the Android rugged computers is the functionality of Bluetooth data interchange through the DEX protocol. An equally important consideration is the time that will be saved with Companion® Route for the end-of-day and route conciliation process, which is fully automated in the application.

The telesales team at the office will also be relying on the immediate availability of relevant information and faultless pricing.

“This is the very first client since the creation of CIS Group USA last month, gladly notes Nicolas Racine, Sales Manager US and Caribbean. And the fact that it is a sizeable company, serving a population equal to that of all Canada, just bodes well for the future of the new CIS business unit.”

About Koffee Kup Bakery

Producing donuts since 1940 and bread since the 1970’s, Koffee Kup Bakery has known rapid growth, and with the acquisition of Vermont Bread in 2013, the company expanded its reach throughout New England, Eastern New York, and Pennsylvania, and Maryland.