Van de Water-Raymond Representatives are Utilizing the Latest Version of the Companion® Suite on their iOS device, in Cloud mode

About Van de Water-Raymond

Established in 1960 and enjoying an excellent reputation in sales and marketing, Van de Water-Raymond is a family-owned business that counts more than 45 employees. For the benefit of its clients across Canada, its team of motivated and experienced professionals offers the expertise. And know-how to make the best use of the factors that influence the market, and an in-depth comprehension of trends, whether in the food industry, the pharmacy sector, or cosmetics – and for all market segments, including mass merchandising outlets. The sustained presence of its account directors at the level of head offices, the systematic retail store visits of its representatives and merchandisers, and regular consultation with its clients allow the coordination of marketing strategies that foster Canadian consumers’ commitment and loyalty. The company takes pride in using cutting-edge tools to provide its clients with the most precise and pertinent information on sales, distribution, market trends, retail prices, promotions, and much more.


CIS-Companion® Rep in cloud mode

Allow me to inform you in a few words about the advances that have been made at Van de Water-Raymond, with the upgrade of CIS-Companion® Rep in cloud mode.


Using CIS applications since 2017

Having used CIS applications since 2017, locally installed on its own servers, the company is now choosing the advantages of the cloud, with hosting being managed by CIS on Microsoft Azure servers. Data security and confidentiality are optimally assured on that platform in a private cloud – that is, an exclusively dedicated server – offered by a leading provider who clearly applies the best security practices in the industry.


New security features!

In that same respect, new security features are also offered in the latest V16 version of CIS-Companion® Rep that Van de Water-Raymond is migrating to. In the context of ISO 27001 certification, for example, safeguards have been added to protect access to information and enforce stronger password security.


The latest version will bring many advantages

The representatives will benefit from the advantages of the very latest version. Their business model makes maximum use of the application, for the management of visit cycles, customer contacts, priorities, and of course order taking. The array of information processing and presentation tools gives them full access to statistics on sales and orders when they conduct business reviews with the retailers. The application provides for the same attention to detail when carrying out the crucial transmission of reports to its principals, on behalf of whom it undertakes the sale and marketing of products.


Picture taking by iPads, data exports to Excel

Notably, picture taking with the iPads was already used a lot by representatives – for example before/after pictures – so they could add those to the sales reports that the company submits. Added to that will be the presentation of documents of whatever type, all supported within CIS-Companion® Rep. And among the tools integrated into the business dashboard for data drilling and results analysis, it is now possible to export data to Excel – a format that principals will surely appreciate.


Do not hesitate to contact me to learn more!


Sylvain Bruyère

Strategic Account Manager