The Full Potential of Business Intelligence at Van de Water-Raymond

The main reason that explains the remarkable success of Van de Water-Raymond in promoting its clients’ brands is unquestionably the outstanding expertise of its people. Ensuring that they always have the best tools for their work, though, has certainly been a major factor as well, and a central preoccupation – since over half a century, or as far back as the pre-computer age.

This year, that translates into the implementation of the Companion® Suite software, by CIS Group. True to its mission as a best-in-class provider of sales, marketing, warehousing, and distribution services, Van de Water-Raymond has always made it a point of honor to maintain the best, most comprehensive reporting and information system for the benefit of its clients. Today, counting on competitive edge technology, it is intent on delivering the full potential of business intelligence reporting that results from combining visual appeal with all-round accuracy of results, as well as powerful analysis capabilities – for that quintessential plus that makes the difference in attracting and retaining clients.

The requirements analysis had also identified desirable application features such as the overall ease of use, smooth navigation, and quick response time. According to initial projections, it is expected that mobile users, with the new application that also supports the use of portable scanners, should be able to subtract up to fifteen minutes from their execution time for each call – so that they are able to complete one additional call every day. Enhanced functions will help them reach that goal, facilitating accurate distribution audits, order taking and credit processing, advanced reporting, and the management of objectives. For enhanced data collection, Honeywell Voyager 1602G pocket scanners will be integrated with the CIS Companion® Suite software.

Internal administrative tasks will also be optimized, with the elimination of lengthy manual processes, a massive reduction of paper expenses, and the introduction of shared dashboards – along with the added value of real-time visibility, to document the representatives’ activity in the field.

The last requirement met is that of continuous innovations, which will be steadily integrated into the application, making for a solution that keeps evolving over time – while users can easily adapt, being accompanied by a dedicated team providing ongoing training and support.
About Van de Water-Raymond

Established in 1960 and enjoying an excellent reputation in sales, marketing, warehousing, and distribution, Van de Water-Raymond is a family-owned business that counts more than 160 employees. For the benefit of its clients across Canada, its team of motivated and experienced professionals offers the expertise and know-how to make the best use of the factors that influence the market, and an in-depth comprehension of trends, whether in the food industry or in the sectors of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products – and for all market segments, including mass merchandising outlets. The sustained presence of its account directors at the level of head offices, the systematic retail store visits of its representatives and merchandisers, and regular consultation with its clients allows the coordination of marketing strategies that foster Canadian consumers’ commitment and loyalty. The company takes pride in using cutting-edge tools to provide its clients with the most precise and pertinent information on sales, distribution, market trends, retail prices, promotions, and much more.