USER GROUP in FLORIDA – MAY 16 – 17, 2019

User Group in Palm Beach, Florida

Dates: May 16 & 17, 2019

Location: Eau Palm Beach Resort

We will be hosting the User Group event, May 16 & 17, 2019, at the luxurious Eau Palm Beach Resort, in Palm Beach, Florida. This is a wonderful opportunity to network with our clients and partners and allows everyone to be updated on our recent development. It also helps us stay updated on each of our clients’ respective industries so we can better align ourselves for the future. CIS Group wants the opportunity to review the new advances offered by our Companion® Route2 and Rep2 applications – overlooking the ocean. Several of these developments have generated a lot of interest among the persons who will be attending, particularly with Route2 the complete integration of credit card payments available to delivery teams, as well as the maintenance of mobile equipment from Companion® Office. Regarding the improvements of Rep2, we will be highlighting File Explorer and Multi-platform OS, Windows, iOS, and Android.

What is a CIS User Group? We will be reviewing the CIS Road Map for the development of new features, and we want your input on what features are a priority and how they will be developed. We will identify opportunities for co-development between CIS and some of our clients, where it makes sense. Your feedback will help CIS align its strategy with yours.

The event will also showcase the release of the CIS Web Ordering Module, which will operate in perfect integration with the Companion solution. The portal allows visitors to place orders with the same ease whether from a smartphone, a tablet, or a standard workstation.