Transport F. Lussier modernizes with an application launched in 2016

Transport F. Lussier, from Rougemont in Québec, carrier for Industries Lassonde inc., is a longtime user of CIS Group software. Now the company has added to its range of information systems the new Mecano application, marketed by CIS early this year, as its new computer-aided vehicle maintenance management system.

After mere months, the application already shows an impressive track record, having elicited rapid demand from a number of CIS Group customers ¬– very soon after the beta trial with one of them wrapped up with complete success in the winter of 2016. Following shortly after, Transport F. Lussier completed by the end of spring its own implementation.

The company was among those using the previous application of CIS Group for vehicle maintenance – combined with other modules that handled accounting, payroll, and road transport dispatching. They however were not exploiting all of the possibilities, since the mechanics had kept to the handwriting method to inscribe the details of their interventions on their work orders – handing these over afterward to data entry staff.

The call of change, somewhat as it did bring the complete reengineering that at CIS characterized the development of Mecano, has lead Transport F. Lussier to revise the methods and now involves the mechanics in the cycle of computerized operations, with the result that the information about their work is now available in real-time.

The account given by an administrator at Transport F. Lussier is eloquent: “With the implementation of Mecano, we have more efficient tools to monitor the upkeep of our vehicles: the repairs done, the inventory of spare parts and the work time of our mechanics.

“As for them, although it was manually until now that they filled out their work order forms, they showed brilliant results getting used to the software and being in good command after only days.

“The near-total elimination of paper documents – which cannot be misplaced anymore –frees our office staff in a number of ways. And the functions to search and analyze our archived data are well designed to give us an immediate, accurate picture of the costs in time and money associated with each vehicle, and promote well-informed, flexible management decisions.”

About Transport F. Lussier

Since its foundation in 1976, Transport F. Lussier, located in Rougement, Québec, has for its principal activity, in close collaboration with Industries Lassonde inc., the distribution of that company’s products.