The Importance of Investing in Great Route Accounting Software!

In this day and age, having paper invoices just doesn’t cut it!

Having many products, different brands, different locations, promotions, staff turnaround, etc., may make it difficult to keep up!

Today, most companies are automating their route accounting.

Companies want to be able to focus on the greater tasks at hand and grow their bottom line. We see that product lines, like assortments, are not only expanding, but changing quickly. There are more promotions per product or per location, delivery times tend to be shorter, and to all this is added the seasonality and/or volatility of demand, which remains a constant concern if companies wish to maintain the greatest efficiency and optimize the quantity and the availability of their merchandise.

Optimization is also essential to compensate for increased costs, whether they relate to labor, rules, and restrictions, or to traffic congestion, especially in urban areas.

Is your company still entering all the paper invoices coming back to the office from your drivers and sales representatives? Having to manually re-enter the data is inefficient, and can also lead to errors that can be costly!

With good DSD software and the right mobile devices, including barcode readers, your delivery people will see their day-to-day operations become faster and more efficient. They will be able to produce receipts and invoices directly at the point of sale and keep digitized proofs of delivery, including signature capture, preventing disputes over deliveries. GPS monitoring and remote communication from mobile devices will give you a real-time view of transactions and the location of your vehicles. The DSD solution also includes onboard inventory control, protecting you against the loss or theft of merchandise.

Is your distribution process facing challenges?

Your staff in the field cannot physically carry past invoices to be able to perform accurate sales reporting, but a software solution allows them to make consistent route sales as it provides the ability to quickly look up previous sales. Our Companion® Route software offers incomparable advantages to optimize your delivery processes.

  • Correctly manage your truck inventory, easily adjusting when a truck breaks down or a driver calls in sick.
  • Quickly generate a digital invoice at the point of sale, from a handheld device or a smartphone.
  • Reconcile and balance your routes, all in a few simple steps.

Companion® Route is essential for optimizing your product delivery management operations to different points of sale.

CIS has preconfigured packages for a variety of industries such as Bakery, Snacks, Beverages, or Dairy, which include the standard functionalities that 99% of users need out of the box.

These solutions, integrated with your back-end accounting software, can be implemented in as little as 28 days and don’t require a big investment in time or money to get started. ​

​Since everything is installed in the Cloud, there are no servers to purchase or prepare. Training is easy and straightforward, and you can continue to grow and add features when you need them. ​

​If one of our packaged versions isn’t enough or you would like us to consult or analyze your requirements, CIS can help! Our experts have many years of experience working with companies in your industry, and can help to ensure your project is a success! ​



The combination of the software solutions (DSD mobile solution and route optimization tool) brings a host of benefits, such as:

  • Efficiency in the field, saving up to an hour per day on each route.
  • Savings on transport costs, up to 15%.
  • Customers satisfaction by respecting delivery deadlines.
  • Employee satisfaction enhanced by planning a realistic workload.
  • Reduced mileage and carbon footprint.
  • In terms of material equipment: savings in resources and reduced costs when using Cloud solutions.

A complete route accounting solution that enables automated and efficient management of direct store delivery activities.


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Melanie Ladouceur

Sales and Digital Communications Coordinator