Mrs. Dunster’s Changes Mobile Application for CIS Group’s Companion® Suite

Mrs. Dunster’s Bakery, based in New Brunswick but also renowned in New England, has undertaken the replacement of the mobile application used on the road by its two dozen delivery drivers, and acquires Honeywell CN70 hand-held computers and MF4Te mobile printers.

The switch to the Companion® solution offered by CIS Group was a decision based on several of its advantages that promise some significant steps forward for the company.

An example is the fact that the application accommodates the use of mobile scanners: captured images, stored in digital form, make it possible to have a much less cumbersome, electronic archiving system for proofs of delivery – thanks to signature capture and the imaging of store stamps.

An equally important gain comes from establishing a continuous chain for data to flow through, from end to end among applications. Now, whatever is processed on a mobile computer, whether an order, invoice or credit, will automatically end up in the Sage 300 financial application – without resorting to manual re-entry, since instead everything is done by the Link interface module, an integral part of the Companion® Suite.

Also contributing is the remote communication, now in full real-time mode between mobile units and the Companion® Office middleware. This is where all the data is gathered in the shortest possible time, and where managers find an array of state-of-the-art analysis tools, with a complete range of options for detailed reporting – even down, if desired, to the level of an individual product, or a single customer. Dashboard visuals, also on hand, are ideal to illustrate trends using graphical indicators.

“With the number of agents in our customer support department, Mrs. Dunster’s can expect prompt, reliable assistance to software users, comments Mathieu Adam, Director Channel Sales at CIS Group. And they know that the applications will keep evolving to meet future needs, with our constant R&D investments intended to keep it at the leading edge.”

About Mrs. Dunster’s Inc.

Mrs. Dunster’s story dates back to the 1960s in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Ingrid Dunster was famous around the neighborhood for her delicious homemade donuts, prepared on the stovetop of her small kitchen. Her husband, Harold, suggested that she sell her donuts to some of the local area stores. Demand continued to grow, and soon the donuts were being distributed to other communities, then other provinces, gaining new fans everywhere they went. Mrs. Dunster’s is now locally owned and operated by the Hyslop Family, purchased by Blair and Rosalyn Hyslop in June 2014. Mrs. Dunster’s sells donuts and other baked goods across the Maritime Provinces and New England.