Microbrasserie Shawbridge: Good Start, and Already Mobile Computers for Delivery

A newcomer last year in the Québec brewing landscape, the Microbrasserie Shawbridge in Prévost, Laurentians, took mere months to seriously look into the benefits of automation to help the work of its delivery team. By choosing the Companion® solution, by CIS Group, it relies on a tool favored by numerous actors in the beverage industry.

Combining the rapid entry of delivered quantities, exact prices at their fingertips for each customer, a greatly reduced risk of errors, the instantaneous production of an invoice at just the touch of a key, and electronic signature capture, the application generates real-time savings, and what is often seen is the possibility of completing more deliveries in one same day.

Each delivery person will be using a Honeywell CT50 hand-held computer, and a PB51B mobile printer, also from Honeywell.

Turning to the office, digital technology does away with cumbersome paperwork and saves archiving space, with another significant saving being with regard to IT infrastructure since the Solution is Cloud-based. And the data can easily be analyzed in broad terms or in detail, providing precise visibility on all the operations, thanks to the Dashboard integrated into the Office module of the Companion® Suite.

“In a subsequent phase, we plan to put in place the warehouse management module, announces Jonathan Cholette, Business Development Manager, Eastern Canada at CIS Group. At that point, a mobile computer will be brought to good use for order preparation and inventory management.”

About Microbrasserie Charcuteries Shawbridge

The company opened its doors in the Spring of 2018 in Prévost, in the old district of Shawbridge. Under the appellation “L’usine du bon vivant”, it offers four avenues to celebrate conviviality and good times. The first is the Station, a 200-seat restaurant with a beautiful terrace, offering its own beers and those of other Québec microbreweries. The second component of the enterprise is a homemade delicatessen, developed and cured on-site, that you can enjoy at the Station, or pick up at the “P’tit magasin”, the store behind the restaurant that offers a variety of gourmet products made on-site or by local artisans. The last element, and not the least, is the magnificent glass-walled brewhouse facing the restaurant kitchen. You can observe the production of the beer while you enjoy yours! The company’s beers and delicatessen products are also available at many grocery stores, bars, and restaurants.