Mayrand Plus (Alimplus) Subscribes to Companion®2 Software by CIS Group for Representatives and Drivers

Mayrand Plus (Alimplus), the largest independent food products distributor in Québec, whose head office is in Anjou, has kicked off the implementation of the Companion®2 software suite, by CIS Group. It clearly appears that the time savings and increased efficiency obtained in automating processes will not only benefit its representatives and delivery drivers but by extension all its manufacturer partners – and ultimately all its customers as well.

On the road, equipped with their mobile computer, it is more than 110 users who will work with the applications Companion® Rep2 and Companion® Route2, when visiting their customers in the restaurant, institutional, grocery store, and food shop sectors.

Among the key elements for representatives and their managers, the application brings together the information and tools required for visit planning, also integrating a comprehensive sales pipeline management system: this is where they can delineate the new sales opportunities for each particular customer, and record the progress rate of each opportunity, in a detailed manner for each targeted product.

This information is not only highly useful as raw data for reporting to partner enterprises. At the customer’s, for the visiting representative, they will also be a part of the vast array of statistics that contribute to the impact of a profitable business review: data on sales, deliveries, credits, and historic compilations of transactions are all instantly available on his tablet.

On the delivery drivers’ side, with Companion® Route2, Mayrand Plus (Alimplus) automates all the invoicing tasks. The mobile computers are relied on for final invoicing at point of sale, including management of returns and payment collection, in addition to electronic signature capture, and then automatic digital archiving of the document. Expected benefits are the complete elimination of paper, of errors, and of redundant data entry.

“Mayrand Plus (Alimplus) is very happy to associate with a Quebec enterprise, CIS Group, to implement innovating solutions for our representatives and delivery drivers. Mayrand Plus takes a technological turn to increase its efficiency and improve customer experience”, indicates Joël Denis, IT Director at Mayrand Plus.

“CIS is very proud to collaborate with one of Québec’s leaders in food distribution, comments Éric Tessier, vice-president marketing, and sales. Working in the foodservice sector since numerous years, and now in retail service, Alimplus constitutes an extremely strategic client for CIS Group. They will greatly benefit from implementing the solutions for representatives and the delivery force.”

About Mayrand Plus (Alimplus)

Mayrand Plus is the first independent food distributor in Quebec. It provides professionals in the restaurant and food retail industries as well as the institutional sector with a single point of service, offering them over 8,000 dry, frozen, and refrigerated food products, packaging, and supplies. Mayrand Plus’s supply network unites the strengths of Alimplus (active in the food distribution industry for over 40 years) and AOF (located in Drummondville). Its logistics setup and transportation executed by multiple teams allow it to make deliveries province-wide, right to its clients’ doorsteps.