The most resistant and best suited equipment to optimize your operations on the road.

Honeywell CT60 handheld computer

Honeywell CT60 handheld computer, touchscreen, Bluetooth, Android

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Honeywell CT40 handheld computer

Honeywell CT40 handheld computer, touchscreen, Bluetooth, Android

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Honeywell CN80 handheld computer

Honeywell CN80 handheld computer with keyboard and camera, bluetooth, Android,

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Honeywell RP4 printer

Honeywell RP4 Mobile Printer, 4 inch, Bluetooth

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Zebra TC57 handheld computer

Zebra TC57 handheld computer,  touchscreen, Bluetooth, Android

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Zebra ZQ520 printer

Zebra ZQ520 mobile printer, 4 inches, Bluetooth

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Panasonic FZ-N1 handheld computer

Panasonic handheld computer, touchscreen, Bluetooth, Android


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Honeywell CK65 handheld computer

Honeywell CK65 Handheld Computer with Keyboard, Bluetooth, Flexrange Imager

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Honeywell industrial PM43 printer

Industrial PM43 printer, for labels, Bluetooth

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Honeywell 1452g scanner

Wireless scanner, 1D and 2D scanner

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Do you need supplies or accessories such as carrying cases, batteries or even paper for your mobile equipment?

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In addition to the sale of equipment, CIS Group offers you various tailor-made services!

  • Complete reception of equipment at CIS and validation of the order
  • DOA management
  • Loading and identification of devices according to customer requirements
  • Preparation of an inventory list (from our Companion Office/Equipment management module)
  • Complete test of the devices received
  • Installation of CIS, MDM, or other applications
  • Sending devices to different customer sites.
  • Spare device management
  • Management of a spare battery pool
  • RMA management and management with carriers, Dicom, Purolator and UPS.
  • Validation of repairs with manufacturers
  • Management of your service plan

CIS Group has been working for decades with partners of choice specializing in rugged mobile equipment!

In addition to mobile equipment, opt for DSD, SFA or high-performance transportation solutions to optimize the work of your employees!


Companion® Route

An efficient software package to promote the management of your route accounts.

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The benefits of rugged mobile devices with DSD software:

  • Proof of delivery capture
  • Scanner
  • Picture
  • GPS tracking
  • Signature capture
  • Stamp capture


Companion® Rep

A modern application to help manage the activities of representatives or merchandisers.

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The advantages of rugged mobile equipment with SFA-CRM software

  • Integrated scanner
  • Camera
  • Signature capture



Software to manage the costs, performance and preventive maintenance of your fleet of vehicles.

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The advantages of rugged mobile equipment with Mecano software

  • Scanner
  • Label printers