Rapidly growing in the spice category sector, Universal Impex, known for their popular Cool Runnings spices, chooses the Companion suite for its delivery operation

Universal Impex, a well-established and growing player in the spice category announces its strategic partnership with CIS Group for the optimization of its distribution operations. Universal Impex has experienced remarkable growth and is now looking for a robust software solution to support its continued expansion.

As part of this partnership, Universal Impex will deploy the Companion Route solution from CIS Group to optimize the management of its DSD delivery routes. This solution will provide the Universal Impex team with centralized management of order taking, store deliveries and invoicing operations, thus improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

To meet its growing business needs, Universal Impex has invested in Honeywell CT45 devices, ensuring smooth execution of its field operations.

Additionally, Universal Impex will deploy Companion SKU Store, an online ordering platform, to provide a convenient and seamless shopping experience for its customers. This solution will allow customers to place orders quickly and easily on their mobile phone, strengthening customer relationships and driving sales growth.

Also, Universal Impex’ Quickbooks accounting system will be linked to the Companion suite for transparent and efficient management of financial data.

CIS Group is delighted to collaborate with Universal Impex in this crucial phase of their growth and is committed to providing ongoing support to ensure the success of this transition to more efficient management of distribution operations.

Thank you for choosing CIS Group as a trusted partner for your mobile software solutions and long life to this partnership between the 2 companies!