Ozery Bakery Implements Companion®, CIS Group’s Direct Store Delivery Software

Ozery Bakery, located in Vaughan, Ontario, has given the go-ahead to put in place the Companion® Suite software by CIS Group, so its delivery force can rely on automation and Android mobile computers to save precious time when processing and completing transactions at each stop of their daily routes.

For each customer they visit, price specifications can be unique – both for products sold and for returns taken – and are instantly retrieved on Companion® Route. The computer also allows the drivers to make a digital record of the proof of delivery, with the added possibility of giving the customer a virtual invoice, which is sent by email.

Through remote communication, their data becomes readily available to management staff, who can monitor and analyze ongoing operations with the help of the Companion® Office Dashboard. The data then continues its course through the Companion® Link interface module, from Companion® Office to its final destination: the Dynamics NAV ERP system in place at Ozery.

About Ozery Bakery

The company started in 1996 as Pita Break, a small bakery operated by the Ozery family from within their sandwich shop in downtown Toronto. Demand grew and by 1998, they began selling their flatbreads to local specialty and health food stores in downtown Toronto. Not long after, they opened their small commercial bakery to support the requests for their products in Ontario, Quebec and eventually the United States. In 2016, they decided to put their family name on everything they make – only with the most nutritious and delicious ingredients. No GMOs. No artificial preservatives. No mysterious ingredients you can’t pronounce.