Newfoundland and Labrador dairy cooperative chooses the Companion suite

The Newfoundland and Labrador Dairy Cooperative (NLDC), a leader in the distribution of dairy products in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, recently announced its partnership with CIS Group for the use of the Companion suite, an innovative solution for managing direct store delivery (DSD) operations.

The Companion suite, developed by CIS Group, offers a complete platform for automating and optimizing the work of delivery people, allowing NLDC to begin their operations efficiently and with great productivity in their delivery operations across the province. With nearly 40 delivery workers working for NLDC, this decision marks an important step in the company’s technological innovation.

One of the essential characteristics of this collaboration is the use of robust Honeywell brand devices for the deployment of the CIS-Companion Route application. NLDC has opted for CT45 computers and RP4 printers, ensuring optimal reliability and performance in the most demanding working environments.

Additionally, the CIS-Companion Route application will be integrated with NLDC’s ERP system, NetSuite, for smooth data synchronization and seamless operation management. This integration will allow NLDC to benefit from increased visibility across all of its delivery activities, from route planning to real-time inventory management.

CIS Group is excited about this partnership with NLDC and is committed to providing ongoing expertise to ensure the success of this direct store delivery automation project.

Thank you for choosing Groupe CIS as a trusted partner for your mobile software solutions and long life to this partnership between the 2 companies!