New-generation Software in Transcobec Mechanical Shop

Les Autobus Transcobec, a school, urban, and specialized transportation company located in Saint-Jérôme, Québec, acknowledges the importance of relying on the most modern software tools. That explains its decision to rapidly implement, for the use of its vehicle maintenance team, the new Mecano application.

So continues a collaboration of nearly thirty years between Transcobec and CIS Group – which is far from being a unique case, since a dozen other transporters have been using CIS solutions for over twenty-five years, even thirty years in the earliest instances.

In the case of Transcobec, a combination of CIS applications had been chosen to handle accounting, process charter trip contracts, and manage vehicle maintenance. For the mechanics, it, therefore, was rather easy to make the transition from the previous application to the new Mecano module: their training time was remarkably short.

Broadly speaking, the logical architecture redesign that marked the conception of Mecano, was aimed at creating a close and fluid interrelation between the intervention mode (data in) and the consultation mode (data out – history, statistics, profitability computation). All this is rapidly, even simultaneously available right from the vehicle file, without a need to go search for information here and there in different reports.

Closely following this overhaul, several development efforts are also underway along promising avenues: one of these, not the least significant, is the advent of mobility. From early times, CIS Group was a pioneer in the field of mobile applications for delivery and sales forces. The time has come for transporters as well to get the most out of mobile devices now supported – whether for security inspections or when taking inventory with the help of scanners.

From what’s heard at CIS Group, indeed the coming year will bring a succession of announcements, some being imminent in fact, given the number of new features currently under development.
About Les Autobus Transcobec

Les Autobus Transcobec is a school, urban and specialized transportation company. It is part of the Conseil inter-municipal de transport Laurentides (Inter-city transport council). It provides urban and interurban transport in the North Zone and the Center zone.