Les Brasseurs RJ, the Québec microbrewery renowned for their Belle Gueule and Tremblay beers, are rolling out Companion SKU Store and migrating to the most recent Companion version in the Cloud.

Customers of CIS Group for more than ten years, Les Brasseurs RJ are switching to the most recent version of Companion Rep for their grocery sales force, in addition to deploying Companion SKU store, a web ordering solution, for all their on-premise consumption customers, i.e. bars and restaurants.

Aware of the importance of the security of its data and the efficiency of its order-taking and invoicing operations, the company wanted to benefit from the new technologies put forward by CIS Group.

With Companion Rep deployed in a Cloud infrastructure managed by CIS Group, Les Brasseurs RJ enjoy the benefits of the highest standards in IT security, in addition to an application that will constantly evolve over the years.

The deployment of CIS Group’s B2B ordering solution – Companion SKU Store – will give the customers of Brasseurs RJ the access to manage procurement, with total control and at the time that suits them.

The latest version of Companion Rep will allow representatives to efficiently take orders in stores, as well as to offer promotions to merchants and conduct powerful business reviews directly with grocery store owners and managers.

Les Brasseurs RJ will also take this opportunity to initiate the migration of the Companion Route application, dedicated to delivery operations, into CIS Group’s Cloud infrastructure.

Thank you for choosing CIS Group as a trusted partner for your software solutions and long life to this partnership between the 2 companies!