Les Autobus E. Ménard & Fils Fully Enter the Digital Era with CIS Group

The transporter Autobus E. Ménard & Fils, from Noyan in the Montérégie, is setting up for major enhancements in the management of several of its departments, with the help of applications from the Coach Suite, proposed by the developer CIS Group. The focus at this stage is on the vehicle maintenance operations, Payroll management, as well as the Charter service department.

By virtue of full integration, with interfaces to be parameterized between the different applications Charter, Mecano and Pay, and between these and the company’s Acomba accounting software, the source data from charter contracts will automatically feed into Acomba to generate financial transactions. The same will be true of the Pay application, gathering working hours directly from the time recorded in drivers’ trips or mechanics’ work orders.

The time-saving in comparison of manual work is, of course, a major advantage of computerization, to benefit both the mechanics and the charter service attendants – but the advantage extends to the administrative level, with this free circulation or data between all operational stages, which will simplify payroll and accounting processes. Another result is a reduction of the risk of errors or discrepancies – also an obvious time-saving factor.

This wealth of information, always immediately accessible, brings into play the power of the analysis tools included in the solution. The vision that the administrator gets on all this management information can be both more comprehensive, and more detailed. Already a winner in terms of productivity, he also ends up with everything in hand to optimize and orchestrate his business processes.

About Les Autobus E. Ménard & Fils

Founded in 1962 by Émile Ménard, the company provides school and public transport in Clarenceville. In 1978, the family enterprise has a respectable fleet of eighteen vehicles that serve not only Clarenceville but also Saint-Sébastien, Henryville and Sabrevois for the transport of Saint-Jean and Iberville students. In July 2008, it acquires all the contracts and installations of Autobus Richelieu. Today, being also the owner of the company Autobus Saint-Alexandre, it maintains a fleet of fifty-five vehicles, providing charter and school transportation.