La Bourgade, a Quebec cheese shop, is deploying the Companion SKU store to simplify orders for better service.

In the ever-changing world of commerce, adaptability is essential to remaining competitive. This is why Fromagerie La Bourgade, an artisanal company specializing in the manufacturing of quality cheeses, recently made the strategic choice to implement SKU Store, our online ordering solution. This visionary move will allow their customers to easily order their favorite products from any connected device, paving the way for increased order volume while simplifying the process for both parties.

By adopting SKU Store, Fromagerie La Bourgade is committed to offering an exceptional customer experience. Now their customers will be able to browse their catalog of delicious products and place their orders in just a few clicks, whether from a phone, tablet or computer. No more hassle with phone orders or emails falling between two chairs.

But SKU Store doesn’t just make online ordering simple. Thanks to its integrated messaging features, Fromagerie La Bourgade can now maintain regular contact with its customers. Automated follow-ups and reminders can be sent to inform customers of special offers, new products or simply to remind them to restock their favorite cheeses. This proactive approach strengthens customer loyalty and significantly boosts sales.

Mr. Marquis Groleau, owner of Fromagerie La Bourgade, expresses his enthusiasm about their choice to implement SKU Store:
“At Fromagerie La Bourgade, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience and simplify our operations. With SKU Store, we have found the perfect solution to achieve these goals. Our transition to this platform was an obvious choice, and we look forward to seeing the tangible benefits it will bring to our business and our customers.”

In conclusion, the adoption of SKU Store by Fromagerie La Bourgade marks an important step in their journey towards modernization and innovation. By simplifying the ordering process and increasing customer engagement through automated messaging, the company is well positioned to continue to thrive in an ever-changing market.

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