Keolis Canada Modernizes Mechanical Shop Management Software

Keolis Canada, a long-time user of CIS Group software solutions, is now proceeding to install the developer’s latest application, offered since about a year. The Mecano module, replacing a former product as part of the Coach Suite of applications, makes use of new, additional technologies, and greatly improves on the ease of use.

Developed using a modern, fifth-generation programming language, the structure aims at giving an overall view in one central screen, to allow a “one-click” access to most types of operations. A main feature is also the capacity of the application to assimilate data from newer devices such as Honeywell Dolphin CT50 and Granit 1981i scanners, which make inventory management a much easier and faster process.

It has already been twenty years since Keolis Canada, formerly known as Groupe Orléans, began using CIS applications to manage its charter bus operations and mechanical shops. A few years down the road came Circuit, an application specially designed to control the activities related to school routes, as well as urban or intercity buses.

A fundamental of the Coach Suite is the integration between these three applications and the Pay module, the final part of the Suite – it automatically receives from the other applications the details of hours worked by drivers, mechanics and other workers. The same type of integration applies with the CIS accounting application – which automatically recuperates the accounts payable or receivable transactions generated by the various types of operations. The chaining of all applications allows the company to reduce data entry to a minimum throughout the whole business cycle.

About Keolis Canada

A Canadian leader in ground transportation for passengers and packages, Keolis Canada uses its expertise to serve communities by providing them with superior-quality, reliable, safe and sustainable transportation services, through its networks of urban and intercity vehicles, school buses and paratransit vehicles.