I-D Foods adopts Companion Suite from CIS Group

I-D Foods, an important distributor of food products across Canada, is undertaking a major project to modernize the whole of its information systems. Its existing software tools will be replaced by a wide array of new applications, carefully selected over the recent months. With regard to the application to be used by its 65 representatives on the road – and their managing officers – a thorough examination of several software solutions was concluded by granting a mandate to CIS Group, for the implementation of the Companion® Suite.

Key to this vast project, a crucial consideration was to become able to couple the whole set of components with one another – databases, applications, business intelligence tools – to form a perfectly integrated continuum. A second objective to attain is to eliminate numerous tasks still carried out manually. To collect information, all the representatives will use Honeywell Voyager 1602G pocket scanners.

Another essential requirement was the flexibility of the tools chosen: given the vital importance of reporting capacities in I-D Foods’ relation with its customers and suppliers, it had to guarantee its capacity to adapt, in the future, to their ever-changing and ever-growing needs.

Resting on constantly updated information, strategy evaluation and decision-making will be greatly facilitated, whether for mobile users on Companion® Rep2, or for managers on Companion® Office. Personalized dashboards can be adapted to the particular needs of each one of them. Having to deal with a multitude of programs, discounts and rebates, I-D Foods will now have the upper hand since its analyses will take all these elements into account. The scope of analysis may even integrate external data, obtained from store chains.

In terms of performance management, it will be possible to use, on request and for instant display, a virtually unlimited number of Key Performance Indicators, and to also view comparisons with objectives. This wealth of information at its disposal will not only allow I-D Foods to achieve unequaled management flexibility but will also – double benefit – prove to be invaluable for its customers and suppliers.

Interfacing has been planned between the Companion® Suite and the current ERP system (Next Generation from Munics), and later on with SAP S4 Hana, which will replace it.

About I-D Foods

I-D Foods operates a unique network throughout Canada, including offices and warehouses in most major cities and a national trucking system. Key Account Managers, Retail SalesForce and Layout Specialists serve more than 10,000 customers.