Horton’s Dairy, a Growing Dairy Company, chooses the Companion Suite to manage its DSD Operations

Horton’s Dairy, a growing dairy in Northwest Ontario, announces its partnership with CIS Group to improve its direct to store delivery operations through the use of Companion Office, a solution that will enable the dairy to efficiently manage customers and products with a wide array of pricing capability, in addition to automating its ordering and invoicing processes.

Horton’s Dairy will benefit from CIS Group’s investment in building a preconfigured solution specially designed for the dairy industry, thus allowing the dairy a very rapid deployment. This strategic decision is part of Horton’s Dairy’s desire to improve its delivery services to its customers in the region.

Horton’s Dairy looks forward to seeing the benefits this collaboration will bring to its operations and customers, and welcomes this important step in its development.

Thank you for choosing CIS Group as a trusted partner for your software solutions and long life to this partnership between the 2 companies!