Groupe Renaud: Logistics Supported by Computing

Groupe Renaud, a transport company established in Mirabel and providing transport for three school boards, is undertaking the implementation of a software solution that should greatly help it manage the logistics of its overall operations. Two applications, Circuit and Charter, will be put in place in collaboration with CIS Group, one to manage its numerous school routes, and the other to orchestrate its charter transport activities.

With a management load that amounts to two hundred school routes, with calendars that can vary between institutions, and certainly a lot of unforeseen exceptions like last-minute replacements, it is highly desirable to be able to rely on software that provides real-time, dynamic planning boards; to be kept aware of events and delays through an automated alert system; or more essentially, to be able to record and consult at will, with reliable speed, the daunting amount of information that is generated from day to day.

In the case of charter trips, the aptly named Charter application supports not only the logistics aspect but also the management of rates, faultlessly calculated in strict observance of all the rules, criteria, and conditions that the company might prescribe. As concerns, the different documents, quotes, confirmations, and contracts, can be produced directly in digital format, to be transmitted to customers through electronic media – a much-favored option nowadays.

The possible addition of other CIS applications, like the Pay module or the accounting system, has of course been acknowledged, during the presentation of available modules, as an appealing future option. The Pay application, for example, with a built-in interfacing feature, can automatically be fed with the drivers’ assignment data, directly imported from Circuit or Charter. In the case of accounting, it is the generated invoicing data that will, there again, automatically be posted into the Accounts Receivable module.

About Groupe Renaud

The family enterprise has indeed known a remarkable expansion, starting in 1957 with only one vehicle, and now handling two hundred school routes with regular and paratransit vehicles, in addition to a fleet of vehicles for charter transportation. Groupe Renaud serves the Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier, Seigneurie-des-Mille-Îles, and Montreal school boards. The enterprise also operates the family sugarhouse, Sucrerie du Mont-Bleu in Saint-Benoît-de-Mirabel.