Groupe Gaudreault’s Mechanical Shops Get Latest Application, Introduce Scanners

Groupe Gaudreault, a renowned transporter in the Lanaudière and Mauricie regions, is a long-time user of CIS Group solutions. Its partnership with the software developer dates back to thirty years ago, and it has been using all the modules of the Coach Suite, as well as the CIS accounting application. The new addition is now Mecano, the completely re-engineered vehicle maintenance application.

Compared to the former application that CIS was proposing since the beginning, some of the advantages are the use of a new, last-generation programming language – and a more organic, intuitive structure that brings all the different operational aspects of maintenance within one click from the synthesized central screen that relates to the vehicle, considered as the basic unit.

Another major feature is that from now on, the software accommodates the use of mobile devices, with their ever-growing array of possibilities. Using a combination of Honeywell CT50 hand-held computers along with mobile and wired scanners, the company will achieve a fully automated management system to monitor the inventory of parts, their rate of use by mechanics, and consequent reordering. If a warranty period is applicable for the part that is scanned, the user will be presented with the related information and expiration date notifications.

Whether repair is scheduled for a vehicle, or actually underway, the information on vehicle availability is automatically shared with the other modules of the Coach Suite: Charter, which manages the group trip contracts, and Circuit that organizes school routes and city or intercity buses.

In the same fashion, integration between Mecano and the Payroll module has for a result that the hours worked by the mechanics, as recorded in Mecano, are automatically transferred to the Pay application – just as the financial transactions for purchased parts automatically go to the accounting module.

About Groupe Gaudreault

Founded in 1951, Groupe Gaudreault offers transportation services by school bus, city bus, intercity bus, paratransit bus and chartered coaches in Lanaudière, Mauricie, Montréal, and more generally in Québec, Canada and the United States. It operates 270 vehicles and employs 350 persons.