Groupe Autobus B. Dion Completes and Modernizes Software Systems with CIS Group


With the acquisition of a suite of different software applications, Groupe Autobus B. Dion of Windsor, Québec, is putting in place a coordinated, computerized system to manage the whole spectrum of its activities.

The company has defined the implementation plan in collaboration with CIS Group, which obtains the mandate of installing three modules of its Coach Suite – which is well known and popular in the passenger transportation industry – to complete and rejuvenate the system previously in place.

The first module, called Circuit, will be used to manage the hundred school routes, first for the seasonal route planning process, and subsequently to handle exceptions in the course of day-to-day operations. It will automatically compute the work hours of the drivers or substitutes, and then transfer the data to the Pay application – the second module that will automate all the payroll processing.

The same will apply for the transactional data related to the billing of school boards, with everything being automatically exported to Acomba, the existing accounting application. Indeed, the installation includes the linking process between all the modules, as is the case in most of the projects completed by CIS Group, who has the know-how to design interfaces with all recognized ERP solutions.

A third module completes the set: the Charter application will help to optimize the complete cycle of charter trip attribution – from initially receiving the order, to billing the customer, through the assignment of resources, drivers and vehicles, in the planning screen, monitoring with automatic alerts for delays or other events, and the adjustment of charges in the trip return process. Here again, compiled work hours and invoicing data will be directed towards the Pay module and Acomba, reducing data entry tasks to a minimum.

About Groupe Autobus B. Dion

Founded in 1945 by Bruno Dion, the company originated as a family business, which it remains to this day. When he passed away, his wife brilliantly pursued the mission; as an accomplished businesswoman, she was able to succeed in a predominantly masculine business environment. In 1989, their daughter Jocelyne Dion Tourville took over the controls of the enterprise her parents had developed so well. Today, led by her son Pierre Tourville, the company constantly strives to improve its service. It has retained as customers for numerous years the Région-de-Sherbrooke and Des Sommets School Boards, as well as Transbestos, a provider of collective transport and paratransit.