FUEL YOUR FLEET PERFORMANCE – Top 3 reasons to use a fleet management software solution.

Who can use a fleet management software solution?

So many businesses can utilize a fleet management software solution. Whether you’re in the city, school, or charter bus industry, the agricultural industry, operating public health and safety vehicles or even managing heavy machinery, almost every business has some sort of equipment or vehicle fleet to manage.

Trying to avoid costly errors with a stack of invoices and managing part warranties? Keeping an eye on all paper invoices, or far too often just trying to keep them clean in a municipal garage, can be nearly impossible!


Three important reasons we think your company should invest in fleet management software

Here are 3 reasons why we think it’s important for any company to equip itself with a fleet management solution that is flexible yet robust:

  • Preventive maintenance to help prevent downtime
  • Warranty detected automatically in a work order
  • Warranty claim = ROI


Return on investment (ROI) is a key measure used to evaluate the efficiency of your investment and/or compare the efficiency of several investment items.

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Here is an outline of a few more features of the Mecano Software and how they will optimize your fleet management.

Unit Management-

Intuitively access vehicle files to consult all the operations that may be necessary, as well as all technical and financial data pertaining to the vehicle.

Time Management and Work Orders-

Plan and assign priority tasks. During execution, the mechanic enters the parts used with an optical reader; the recording of his working hours is also automatically activated.

Guarantees and Preventive Maintenance

Make sure you don’t miss any warranty claims since your mechanics will be notified if a part is still under warranty. Track all warranty claims made with suppliers.

Create reminders and track maintenance history and costs. Easily store and access all reports and records in the cloud.


Steer a full load of tools to your destination: a profitable company.

Grasp a software solution to reduce errors and effectively manage inventories, resources and maintenance, with an electronic inspection grid and many more features.


Essential functions for your mechanical operations

  • Unit management
  • Management of orders and receptions
  • Management of work orders
  • Mechanics’ time management
  • Management of parts inventories
  • Vehicle warranty management
  • Warranty management of parts and components
  • Preventive maintenance program
  • Electronic inspection grid
  • Technical sheet per vehicle
  • Report generator


Toss the paper forms, spreadsheets, and errors away and let our software solution Mecano handle the strenuous tasks.


Mecano easily integrates with the various accounting or fuel management software solutions – and can also accommodate your needs if you manage multiple branches or businesses.


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Melanie Ladouceur

CIS Group – Marketing Coordinator