François Papillon joins the CIS team to develop and design an optimal user experience!

We are happy to announce the arrival of François Papillon within the development group. François arrives with a great background in terms of customer experience and the design of Web solutions. He will take on a new role at CIS, as UX / UI Products & Marketing Director, working closely with all our development teams to improve the customer experience of our various solutions. As a first mission, he will support the Transportation group so that a full-scale online version of CIS-Bus Charter can be marketed by the end of March 2022!

Having Francois, with over twenty years’ diversified experience in the creation, user experience design, web project development management, and strategic planning, will be of great value to CIS.  “He will bring our various teams to market and deliver innovative products that respect best practices and whose design is truly user-centered. This will guarantee that the use of all our products offers a coherent transversal experience, particularly with the passage and adaptation of these in SaaS mode.” – Eric Tessier, CIS Group president.

François is passionate about mountain biking, canoe-camping, and motorcycles “which allow me to get away from it all in different ways and stay in touch with nature… Long live the Laurentians!” He has a great interest in the arts in general but particularly in photography, which he enjoys practicing as an amateur. Music is also a big part of his everyday life, especially with the recent acquisition of a turntable … “The vinyl hunt is officially on!”, he states with excitement.

CIS Group is developing and designing an optimal user experience in the development and commercialization of new CIS products, as well as in the improvement of existing products. We will have some big news to share with you over the next few months, so make sure to follow us on social media and stay tuned; you don’t want to miss the news!

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Melanie Ladouceur

Sales and Digital Communications Coordinator