Flowerline in Trinidad: Say It With Flowers… Deliver Them With Computers

Flowerline, the largest importer of flowers in Trinidad and Tobago, has launched a project to computerize the management of its delivery routes as well as its warehouse facility, with the implementation of the Companion® Suite software offered by Canadian developer CIS Group.

For the delivery drivers, automation means the capacity to rapidly print, at the touch of a button, a clean and errorless invoice at the end of each visit. After the capture of an electronic signature, the documents are finally archived in digital form, which conveniently eliminates a lot of paper handling – both on the road and at the office.

Staff at the warehouse can also expect to gain from the use of hand-held computers – a sure way to achieve much faster execution times in their picking and truck loading tasks.

For both groups, mobile devices have been chosen among Honeywell’s line of products, with CN75 hand-held computers and PB51 mobile printers to be used by the team of drivers, while CK71 handhelds showed to be the most appropriate for warehouse work.

The mobile units ultimately communicate with Companion® Office, the central module that collects their data and gives managers a clear and comprehensive view of the operations, through powerful analysis tools in the form of graphical dashboards coupled with a versatile report generator. Companion® Office can also handle Flowerline’s point-of-sale transactions – as the company operates an on-site Flower Market as well.

Word of mouth indeed played a role in bringing Flowerline to take an interest in CIS Group applications. As it happens, the foothold established in Trinidad by the Companion® Solution dates back to the beginning of the decade, when it was adopted by the renowned Bermudez Group – whose baked goods are distributed across the Caribbean and the Americas.

About Flowerline

Flowerline is the premium flower facility in Trinidad and Tobago. Located in the heart of Central Trinidad at Charlieville in Chaguanas, it delivers to all parts of the island. It offers a wide variety of exotic and tropical flowers to individuals, florists, and retailers of all types.