Favuzzi International Changes its CIS Software for… CIS Software

Saint-Jérôme, Québec, February 11, 2015 – At Favuzzi International, one of the leading importers of gourmet food products in Canada, this year will be one of decisive change for the team of representatives. It has been decided to equip them with the most recent software and computers on the market, to replace those they are presently using. They will thus get the benefits of the recent suite of Windows 8 applications from Quebec developer CIS Group: Companion® Rep2.

This will not be a leap into the unknown for them, however, for they were already familiar for many years with a route application from the same developer, for order entry during customer visits.

The change of software, along with a switch from former hand-held computers to Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablets, is sure to be a big plus for Favuzzi’s image. But no less significantly, the move will markedly broaden the range of functionalities facilitating the work of its representatives.

With fingertip access to the complete information on each customer, they will be able to validate minimum ordering, maximum credit, and authorized or unauthorized products by department. They may also call up the priorities and promotions management module, the e-version of their product catalog, and a dynamic statistical analysis tool whose graphic mode, complete with pie charts, will prove useful to discern a maximum of business opportunities.

The team at the office is not left out. The telesales module is coupled with a dynamic inventory function, to help establish suggested orders. And for managers, the system offers, added to the vast array of sales reports, the Dashboard module which is recognized today as an essential of business intelligence.

“It’s very gratifying to see the rapid acceptance of our new software Suite by our existing customers, states Éric Tessier, Vice-President Sales & Marketing at CIS Group. This recognition gives us confirmation of the soundness of our policy aiming at massive and constant investment in research and development.”

About Favuzzi International

Since its foundation in 2000, Favuzzi has become one of the leading importers of gourmet food products in Canada. In addition to its line of olive oils – a main source of its sales, the Montreal company also markets balsamic vinegar, tomato sauces, condiments, and numerous other gourmet food products. Favuzzi is pleased to serve nearly 1,000 customers directly, and as many through distribution partners in the rest of the country. Favuzzi provides advice to gourmets on oil and food pairings in a free guide, available on its Website.

About CIS Group

CIS Group is one of the largest providers of direct store delivery (DSD) and sales force automation (SFA) solutions in North America. They have been creating innovative software solutions since 1977, always helping businesses optimize and streamline their unique business process, reducing operating costs, and having a positive impact on revenue. The extensive mobile experience of its team, its track record of several thousands of routes and reps automated, and its strong customer base in various industries, make CIS a leading provider of software solutions for the mobile workforce.