Discover our New Features Tailored for the Pharmaceutical Industry

I am very happy to let you know that CIS Group is continuing its growth and evolution with a new mandate in the pharmaceutical industry.


Courtier Pharma is a thriving company that serves Québec and the French-speaking territories of Ontario and New Brunswick. They have chosen to automate their processes by adopting the CIS-Companion® Rep solution for their representatives, on iPads. They chose to implement version 16 in the cloud, hosted on Microsoft Azure Servers managed by CIS – the most recent version that offers really advantageous functionalities like:


  • Detailed product classification (men, women, age group, allergen, type, category, product family, etc.).


  • Presentation of documents integrated into CIS-Companion® Rep (detailed product documentation, selling sheets, programs, business reviews…).


The Courtier Pharma group is present in many large pharmacy and department store chains. It represents many companies, such as Pur NoisetierBeké-BoboGenacolCitrobug, Bacti Control, Pro Circuit, Athri-Plus, Emu Dundee, Chocolaterie des PèresBonté Distribution, Ola Bamboo.

Our teams are thrilled to work in collaboration with Courtier Pharma, adapting the functionalities of CIS-Companion® Rep for the specific needs of their enterprise.


If you wish to obtain more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

Have a great day!

Mathieu Adam

Sales Director Canada