Dion Herbs & Spices Turns to Automation with Companion® Suite Software

 Saint-Jérôme, Québec, May 11, 2015 – Dion Herbs & Spices has chosen to call on CIS Group to implement the Companion® Suite software for its sales-delivery personnel on the road. A number of functions of the mobile application will be greatly helpful to them on a daily basis, for one thing, to save them time, but also to allow full control and leverage of information that plays a big part in optimizing their business operations.

Not only their work, but also that of office telesales personnel, will be facilitated by a maintenance of the visit and call cycles, and by the ability to handle complex configurations of price lists. Additional functions include order taking, credit and returns management, invoicing and on-site printing, and the capture of electronic signatures and chain store stamps.

As for managers, they will at all times have access to a clear picture of the activities carried out in the field, including GPS tracking. What is presented on their Dashboard is indeed real-time information, as it is steadily transmitted by the mobile units via cellular communication.

This integration of information is actually planned to extend to and include the Acomba accounting application already in place, which will be linked with the rest through an interface. As for the choice of mobile equipment, the company has selected the CN70A hand-held computers from Intermec-Honeywell, and MF4Te printers from Datamax-O’Neil.

About Dion Herbs & Spices

In 1996, Gaston Dion was discouraged to see how the world of spices was dull and very conservative. This cook, looking for different flavors and new trends, but finding only conventional products, decided to build his company. His major goal was to surprise consumers and awake a culinary curiosity. The adventure starts with a new container. After merchandising this unique and different concept, Dion Herbs & Spices now offers 9 product categories including over 450 varieties. Dion Herbs & Spices is now the leading herbs & spices seller in Quebec, offering the widest range of products, according to AC Neilsen studies. Those are available at over 1000 retailers in Canada and the United States.

About CIS Group

CIS Group is one of the largest providers of direct store delivery (DSD) and sales force automation (SFA) solutions in North America. They have been creating innovative software solutions since 1977, always helping businesses optimize and streamline their unique business process, reducing operating costs, and having a positive impact on revenue. The extensive mobile experience of its team, its track record of several thousands of routes and reps automated, and its strong customer base in various industries make CIS a leading provider of software solutions for the mobile workforce.