CIS Group Integrates Credit Card Payment Management in Companion®

In this age of mobility and wireless solutions, CIS Group announces the successful integration to the Companion® solution, in partnership with Platinum Payments, of automated electronic payment processing.

The acceptance of credit card payments no longer requires the purchase of a payment terminal: the operation is now processed directly on the hand-held computers the delivery teams already possess. It is then without the burden of additional hardware that the electronic payment revolution can spread to the direct store delivery sector.

By greatly simplifying the management of accounts, this payment mode wins hands down over cash transactions or checks – when considering the handling and deposits required for the latter, the risks of loss or theft, uncovered checks, or collection costs that can all be avoided.

Simple and fast payment of transactions at the time of delivery benefits the company, of course, but customers also stand to win: accounting operations are simplified and accelerated, and paperwork is minimal. This technological shift is sure to please customers who already favor electronic payment, giving them the perception of an innovative company.

Platinum Payments makes the service available everywhere in Canada and the United States, for all banks and all types of credit cards. As for processing fees, they are among the lowest on the market.

Credit card information is kept confidential, securely stored in a virtual vault to which only the provider has access. Delivery drivers do not handle any information related to customers’ credit cards. Payments are processed through a secure connection, with a certificate provided by Global Payments Inc., a world leader in electronic payment solutions and services.

The functionality makes it possible to maintain multiple cards for each customer and includes a notification and follow-up system with respect to expiry dates. It finally provides a flexible configuration for transaction monitoring, whether by date, by the customer, by the driver, by transaction type, etc.

This new tool, compatible with Windows Mobile 6.5 and Android hand-held computers, simply relies on the cellular SIM card of the handheld, and only depends on the cellular network coverage at the time of the transaction. The new function is now available in Companion Route, starting with version 16. CIS Group’s team is gearing up to spread the word about this new asset in the Companion Suite, and to provide detailed responses to all information requests.

About Platinum Payments

Platinum Payments is the largest privately held credit card processor, and among the top ten non-bank acquirers in the US and Canada. It offers a complete range of electronic payment equipment, solutions, and services to merchants of all sizes, in various industries, focusing on the small to midsized merchants. Platinum Payments processes half a billion transactions for over $30 billion annually. Its Canadian headquarters are located in Montreal.