Boulangerie Georges pioneers with Companion® Route from CIS Group set in Android mode

Boulangerie Georges, from Sherbrooke, Québec, whose delivery team has been using the Companion® Route application from CIS Group since already fifteen years, will now take advantage of the fact that the new version is compatible with all operating systems: Windows, iOS, and Android. The bakery indeed becomes the first to undertake a switch to Android.

Boulangerie Georges thus seizes the opportunity to go for state-of-the-art technology with the CT50 computer by Honeywell, which includes all the conveniences of a smartphone, and offers 4G LTE connectivity to allow real-time communication and the fastest data transfers. The CT50 is a sleek, all-touch, and pocketable device that offers enough battery life for more than twelve hours of use.

Though elegant, this is also a rugged device, tested to withstand the rigors of the toughest work environments: its IP67 rating protects it against dust and immersion in water, it can resist multiple 1.5-meter drops, and it can be used at temperatures between -20 and +50 degrees Celsius, even with gloves.

The device also provides a next-generation 2D scanner and an 8-megapixel color camera. Boulangerie Georges will couple its computers with 4-inch PB51 thermal printers from Intermec/Honeywell, offering a printing speed ten times faster than that of their former printers.

“It is an important milestone reached, for CIS Group and for Boulangerie Georges who thus becomes the very first client to migrate to our multiplatform version of the Companion® Suite. Whether under Android, Windows 10 or iOS, the door is now open for a vast array of functionalities that were not available before on the traditional Windows Mobile systems. This choice can also rapidly prove very profitable as it tags along with an important technological shift, where the Internet of Things, seen as the third evolution of the Internet or Web 3.0, will occupy more and more space! Clients, and the industry in general, only stand to have a lot to gain!”, indicates Mathieu Adam, Sales Director at CIS Group.

About Boulangerie Georges

Founded in 1937, Boulangerie Georges is now managed by the third generation of the Fortier family, and its share of the market is 40 to 45% in Sherbrooke and the neighboring cities. The company produces an average of 60,000 loaves per week, and maintains a strong engagement towards the community by helping several foundations and activities in the region, whether through donating money, or bread. In 2011, the collaboration of Boulangerie Georges thus translated into an amount of $25,000 devoted to social engagement, and more than 30,000 loaves supplied.