Autobus Dufresne Completes Transition to Digital Era

Saint-Jérôme, Québec, August 7, 2015 – Autobus Dufresne, from Sainte-Martine in the regional county municipality of Haut-Saint-Laurent, is getting ready to add new software applications to the ones it already put in place so that starting this year, it may rely on a complete software system to manage all its operations.

In the first months of 2014, the company had made the move for a first application from the Coach Suite, by CIS Group, to computerize the management of its charter transport service. It used the Charter module for assignment planning, rate making, producing quotes and contracts, and keeping track of transactions. The financial follow-through was facilitated by coupling the module with the Acomba accounting software, for integrated management of the transaction data from end to end.

There is no doubt the operation was a success since right this year Autobus Dufresne is setting up to add two more modules of the Coach Suite – Circuit and Pay. The first one will allow managing the assignments on the many regular intercity and school bus routes of the company. In the second case, the addition of the Pay module is of course intended to reduce the amount of work required to process the drivers’ pay – a reduction that on this scale is quite significant indeed, if one compares to the work involved for manual processing.

“We now have come full circle, since, among the work hours that get transferred to the Pay application, a part will originate from Charter, the module that was installed at the very start, notes Eric Tessier, Vice-President Sales, and Marketing at CIS Group. And since all these modules communicate, with each other but also with the accounting software, so it becomes as our slogan says: Everything connects.”

About Autobus Dufresne

Autobus Dufresne is a family company founded more than fifty years ago. It provides intercity transport for the CIT du Haut St-Laurent, linking the south-west of the Montérégie to the Montréal subway network since more than twenty-five years. Autobus Dufresne also provides school transportation and paratransit for the Vallée-des-Tisserands and the Grandes-Seigneuries school boards.

About CIS Group

Founded in 1977, CIS Group is a leader in Canada whose pioneering software solutions have evolved in phase with the emerging needs of enterprises in many fields of activity, such as people transportation (chartered, urban or school transport), merchandise transportation, or the maintenance of vehicle fleets. From its early years on, CIS Group also established itself as a pioneer in the specialized niche of mobile software on hand-held computers, optimizing the activities of field sales forces and direct delivery teams, for the benefit of enterprises in the sectors of agri-food and consumer products. In all, several thousand users in North America and the Caribbean are counting on CIS solutions.