Annual contribution to Centraide: A solidarity commitment

Since 2012, Groupe CIS has been proud of its commitment with conviction to the Centraide organization, reflecting the desire to fight against poverty and social exclusion. Each year, we contribute generously, with donations amounting to a few thousand dollars. This amount is the result of the generosity of our employees, demonstrating their solidarity with those most in need and contributing to the local community.

Centraide, with its crucial mission to combat poverty and social exclusion, is a pillar in the Greater Montreal region, where 60% of Quebecers living in poverty reside. Poverty affects various segments of the population, including single-parent families, single people, those with disabilities, recent immigrants or those in precarious situations, and members of visible minorities.

The consequences of poverty are multiple and affect access to education, quality of housing, food security, physical and mental health, and even life expectancy. Poverty is not only an individual issue, it has a cost for society, depriving Quebec of its full potential of talents and resources, estimated between 15.7 and 17 billion dollars per year.

As a company, we are proud of our commitment to United Way and we are aware of the positive impact our support brings. We firmly believe that it is by working together that we can break the vicious cycle of poverty and social exclusion, and build a stronger and more inclusive community for all.

A parallel between our corporate values ​​and our support for Centraide

Our support for Centraide reflects our fundamental values ​​at Groupe CIS. Commitment is at the heart of what we do; Each year, we commit to contributing financially and humanly to Centraide’s mission. This commitment is driven by a shared passion for the well-being of our community, pushing us to act with integrity and maintain conviviality within our team, thus strengthening our bond with the cause.

Our business agility is demonstrated in our ability to adapt and respond to the changing needs of society. At the same time, Centraide fights against poverty and social exclusion, scourges that require a flexible and innovative approach.

At Groupe CIS, we believe that these values ​​are not just words, but principles of action that guide us every day. By supporting Centraide, we put these values ​​into practice, thus contributing to a better future for all.

Together, let’s make a difference.

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