AJIT Transport: Complete Suite of Applications with CIS Group

Saint-Jérôme, Québec, January 15, 2016 – The company AJIT Transport Inc. from Montreal is to begin the year by going ahead with the implementation of the RAPID Suite from CIS Group. The applications comprised in the Suite will allow for computerized management of all the steps in its chain of operations.

At the heart of the action, the RAPID module will give them full control on the processing of orders, the delivery itself, and finally the invoicing process, by automating as a starting point the management of quotes, rates, accessory charges, and surcharges, and then by giving the dispatch team the best tools to plan and assign their resources – vehicles and drivers, but also brokers, of course.

They will be able to use an almost limitless number of parameters to pinpoint available resources, whether it be by region, by date or dates, by volume or weight of merchandise to pick up, or else by type of equipment required, by proximity, and so on. In fact, they will know, at all moments and in real-time, the location of these resources and the status of trips – and may even bring into play the analysis of costs for these operations. Additional features are the calculation for the drivers’ recapitulative hours and their available hours, as well as other notes and reminders.

Another tool will compile the mileage traveled, loaded and empty, to produce the fuel tax reports (IFTA). An important aspect that will also be automated is the management of customs documents (ACE) and attribution to each border crossing point – all of this integrated, as the entire module, with the electronic messaging system.

The second module, Mecano, the all-new version presented by CIS Group after already 30 years of expertise in this other domain, automates the management of vehicle maintenance operations, with comprehensive control of all the materials and labor involved. In the first place, it provides a calendar of reminders, whether related to the preventive maintenance program (P.E.P.), or else to expiration of warranties. Then, as the parts are used in the execution of work orders, information is transmitted for the purpose of replenishment orders, and in a similar fashion, when mechanics enter their working time, these hours are collected to be used as the calculation base in the payroll module.

The Suite is indeed completed with the Pay module – for drivers, mechanics, and other employees – and with the CIS-Administration accounting application. In the latter, it is the trips assigned externally, to brokers, that will ultimately be processed as accounts payable. In each of these cases, as summed up by Mr. Stéphane Lepage, CIS Group’s Product Director Transport Solutions, “the synchronization of all these applications will provide AJIT with a complete integration of the data chain.”

About AJIT Transport

AJIT Transport Inc., based in Montreal, maintains its expansion since its beginnings in 1993, and today has a fleet of modern vehicles numbering 45 trucks and 80 trailers, to operate in most of the United States and Canada.