AdminExpress2.0 Just Released, Highly Popular

The few weeks that followed the release of the AdminExpress2.0 solution by CIS Group clearly point to a resounding success. The application will succeed CIS-Admin, the accounting application that has long been the most used by transporters, in parallel with the Coach Suite. Pleased with the new product, many of them are quickly booking their dates for implementation – the schedule will be busy indeed these coming months at CIS!

The brand new platform meets the Internet, Extranet and Cloud application standards. It relies on HTML5, XML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP technologies. It directly connects to collect the data from all the other CIS applications. It comes as the result of a major investment of resources in recent years to pursue an intensive research and development program, which also led to a full-scale renewal of the Coach Suite.

With the appropriation of the latest-generation programming language, the time was right to initiate a decisive reengineering and restructuring effort. Also on the drawing board was the reconfiguration for execution on mobile devices. Thus, the recent past saw the introduction of Mecano (vehicle maintenance), the advancements of Dispatcher (freight transport), and finally those of Coach Mobile (warehouse management, etc.).

New features in the Charter and Pay modules

Other new features also deserve to be mentioned: the Charter module, as an example, now allows transporters to provide, for their customers who have many trips per month, grouped invoices on a single document, instead of one invoice per trip. Paperwork is reduced, and monitoring of invoiced transactions is made easier, for the mutual benefit of the transporter and his customer. Invoices can be grouped by week or by month.

In the Pay module, an introduction has been to automate the salary calculation for paid holidays. By law, the amount paid must be one twentieth of the four previous weeks’ earnings. Having to calculate this manually for each employee represented a lot of work. Today, the only action required is to designate, once a year, the dates of holidays in a calendar created for this purpose. All the rest is automated: a pay category with the formula takes over to make the calculation at each of the designated dates.

Steady work continues, with the aim of always being ahead of customers’ demands – customers including about a dozen new transporters in recent years.